Meet the Director

Tania Garcia

Director, Arlington Campus

Tania is originally from Mexico City. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology with a minor in Children’s Ministry.  Tania has enjoyed working with children since she was young and is thrilled to be leading the team at Spanish Schoolhouse Arlington.

Tania believes that the preschool years are a crucial developmental period which shapes a child’s character, problem-solving skill, and personality. She loves having the opportunity to help children learn and practice the skills needed for a successful educational start, while sharing her culture and language. Tania feels that the most rewarding job anyone could have is to provide a loving and safe environment where children can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically! She’s proud to be impacting students’ lives with her team at SSH Arlington!

Q & A with Tania

What is your personal teaching philosophy?

I believe children learn best by engaging their senses. By keeping a student engaged in the lesson with hands-on activities, they absorb more of the academic teaching. Providing a safe, loving environment allows the students to feel confident. Meeting all our students’ needs is a top priority for me and all of our staff.

What makes your school unique?

Our school has a staff that is extremely loving and caring. By first getting to know and build relationships with the children, the teachers are able to observe the way(s) that each child learns best. They meet each student wherever they’re at, and help them reach their highest learning potential.

What are your goals as the leader of the school?

My goals are to always find ways to encourage our students to reach beyond their expectations and to always keep their natural love for learning alive!  By introducing a new culture and language, we enable our students to go above and beyond.